Why use AusNimbus

AusNimbus vs the Competition

AusNimbus is a Platform-as-a-Service for deploying applications in Australia (aka fancy hosting provider).
We understand comparing hosting providers can get confusing - this table might help you get a better picture:

AusNimbus PaaS Shared Hosting VPS Managed Hosting IaaS
Example Providers AusNimbus Heroku, Pivitol Panthur, NetRegistry DigitalOcean, Linode Rackspace AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
Pricing low-high low-high low medium-high high medium-high
Australia Offering Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes Yes
Complexity low-medium low-medium low low-high low high
Developer Workflows Yes Yes No Your responsibility Maybe Your responsibility
Simple Scaling Simple, limitless Simple, limitless Dreaming No Your responsibility Your responsibility
Operating System Managed Managed Managed Your responsibility Managed Your responsibility
Security Managed Managed Low Your responsibility Managed Your responsibility
Skill Required Developer Developer Developer Developer and sysadmin Developer Developer and sysadmin

How we differ from traditional hosting (shared hosting or VPS)

Modern cloud application deployment revolves around decoupled services and horizontal scaling. It’s important to keep in mind some of the things we don’t offer in comparison to your traditional hosting provider.

We do NOT provide:


We do not have cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, ISPConfig or any other "old school" hosting control panel

Email hosting or configuration

We use and recommend Google G-Suite

Domain registration or DNS services

We are currently evaluating this to be added in the near future.


Sendmail is not available

Back in the days everyone used to rely on sendmail to send any sort of mail script from their website. This has become bad practice as bots have started to abuse this and thus spam filters have started blocking these emails.

Instead of sendmail you can use SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) with your email provider to send emails from your domain. Make sure you have setup the appropriate SPF and DNSEC rules with your provider to reduce the chances your emails end up in spam.

Transactional email providers are even better as they let you send bulk emails via their API at an even faster rate than SMTP. Some example providers are SendGrid and MailGun

Fixed IP Addresses

Due to the distributed nature of cloud computing, your applications do not get a "fixed IP". This is because apps often move between different nodes and load balancers based on load and the point in time they were deployed.

Deploy applications, not infrastructure

Forget servers and focus on managing what's more important

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