Build production ready web apps

AusNimbus provides the tools to deploy, manage and scale web applications in the cloud

User Choice

Use what you like

AusNimbus provides managed runtime environments for a wide range of different languages. Deploy with the languages and frameworks you are familiar with.

Break free from the stone age of cPanel and experience the world of Golang, Ruby, NodeJS or maybe even Python.

Continuous Integration

Built in Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automate the build, test, and deployment of your application with every code change so you can continue to iterate on new and exciting features

Ondemand Usage

Only pay for the resources you use

Usage is calculated by the minute so you can scale up and down as required.

Start small and scale as required, you only pay for what you use.

Looking to deploy production ready web applications?

Let us know your requirements and get help deploying a custom solution.

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