Powering scalable mobile apps

Scalable backends allow you to scale your app as it grows - don’t lose users because your backend can’t keep up

Ondemand Usage

Pay as you grow

Mobile apps without a scalable backend are a recipe for disaster. Start small and pay as you grow. AusNimbus provides per minute billing so can scale up or down as things change.

Your app suddenly hit the first page on the app store? No problem, your backend will scale as you grow.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Automate the build, test, and deployment of your backend with every code change so you can continue to iterate on new and exciting features.

Test early and deliver frequently.

Self Service

Self service, always ready

AusNimbus provides the tooling so you can focus on building great mobile apps.

Deploy on demand, provision A/B deployments for testing new features, seamlessly rollback in case things breaks.

Launch your mobile app with confidence

Talk to us about your needs and get help deploying a custom solution.

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