The AusNimbus Platform

AusNimbus is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) - enabling developers to easily run, build and scale web applications in Australia without the hassle of infrastructure management.

AusNimbus Overview


Work on your application with your favourite tools, frameworks and languages.


Automatically build, stage and test your application by connecting your existing git repository, CI/CD system or integrated Jenkins container.


The platform will then provision and deploy your application into Docker containers ready for your customers to access.


Monitor performance and scale your application both horizontally or vertically at the click of a button.

Powered by open industry standards

AusNimbus is built on Red Hat OpenShift - an enterprise grade distribution of Google Kubernetes and the Docker container runtime


The world's leading software containerization platform for packaging microservices, applications and their dependencies.

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Red Hat's application deployment platform built around Docker, Kubernetes and application lifecycle management tools.

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Google's open source container orchestration system for automated container deployment, scaling and management.

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