Ruby Hosting on AusNimbus

AusNimbus provides the tools to deploy, manage and scale your Ruby apps in the cloud

Platform for deploying modern Rails applications



Link your Git repository or CI system to upload your Ruby code. AusNimbus builds and runs your code in Docker containers - providing a fast, secure and reliable Ruby hosting environment.


Leverage version controlled deployments for incremental feature rollout. Manage environment specific variables and configuration.


AusNimbus makes horizontal scaling easy with automated threshold detection and application metrics so you can scale out in seconds at the click of a button.


Consistent development and deployment environment

Declare your dependencies as part of your Gemfile and AusNimbus installs your required dependencies as part of the Source-to-Image process.


Version controlled rollbacks in case things break

Version controlled deployments make it easy to rollback to earlier deployments in case things break in production.


Push to deploy with zero downtime

Use Git webhooks to automatically trigger new builds whenever you make changes to your code. Deploy changes to your apps without affecting application availability.

Deploy applications, not infrastructure

Forget servers and focus on managing what's more important

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