Java Hosting on AusNimbus

AusNimbus provides the tools to deploy, manage and scale your Java apps in the cloud

Platform for deploying modern Java applications



Link your Git repository or CI system to upload your Java code. AusNimbus builds and runs your code in Docker containers - providing a fast, secure and reliable Java hosting environment.


Manage environment specific configuration or provision supporting services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB or Redis.


Use application metrics so you know when to scale or define thresholds to automatically scale up before your Java apps start to slow down.


Java Enterprise Edition

Deploy your applications with Wildfly (JEE) by Red Hat. A flexible and lightweight application runtime which lays the foundation for the Jboss Enterprise Platforms.


Scala, Play, Clojure, Gradle or Grails

AusNimbus provides builders for Maven, Clojure and Gradle so you can build apps with Ratpack, Play, Spark, SpringBoot and much more.


Continuous Integration and Delivery

Run your Java applications through promotion pipelines with Jenkins. Automate your app's build, test and promotion through its development, staging and production lifecycle.

Deploy applications, not infrastructure

Forget servers and focus on managing what's more important

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