Built in Continuous Integration and Delivery

Automate the build, test and deployment so you can deploy applications faster

Test early and deliver frequently

The adoption of agile development practices supports the rise of optimized processes and workflows leading to better developer efficiency and productivity.


Jenkins as a Service

AusNimbus provides you with your own Jenkins server so you can easily integrate continuous integration and delivery into your projects and applications.

Jenkins dynamically runs jobs in run-once containers - leveraging the platform’s scheduling and scaling capabilities.

Version Control

Deployment version control

Version controlled deployment configuration allows you to rollout and rollback seamlessly.

Something break in production? Rollback to a known working version at the click of a button.


Pipelines workflow

Automate your build, test and deployment process of promoting your application from dev, staging to production.

Build your Jenkins Pipelines to trigger actions like new builds, deployments or scaling actions.

Deploy applications, not infrastructure

Forget servers and focus on managing what's more important

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