Running your own Parse Server on AusNimbus

20 Jan 2017 by Andrew Lau


Parse was a mobile backend as a service run by Facebook which allowed you to host your backend API seamlessly in the cloud. A few months ago, Facebook announced their Parse service would retire on 28 January 2017. In it’s steed, the opensource replacement version powered by Node.js has become increasingly popular.

In this post we’ll cover the quick steps to deploy your own Parse Server on AusNimbus using NodeJS and MongoDB.

Getting started

Parse Server provides a ready-to-use template which deploys all the required components into your project.

CLI Steps

oc new-app -f

Web Console Steps

  1. Copy/download the template file
  2. Click “Add to Project”
  3. Click on Import YAML/JSON
  4. Paste/upload the template file
  5. import-parse-template

  6. Create the template and select “Process the template”
  7. Input your required parameters such as your Git repository and click “Create”
  8. deploy-parse-server

In a few minutes, your Parse Server should come online, ready with a default route and MongoDB backend. Scale out the Parse Server anytime at the click of a button.

If you are looking to expand or find out more about Parse Server, checkout their documentation GitHub repository and official documentation.