Node.js v8.0.0 release

Today Node.js released their next major version v8.0.0. This article will contain a summary of some of the significant changes and features.

NPM v5.0.0

Version v5.0.0 of the npm client has been included in the release Node.js v8.0.0

V8 5.8 engine

The new V8 5.8 engine includes major improvements in performance and developer APIs.

Node.js API (N-API)

A new experimental API has been made available. More details available here

For a more in depth list of features, checkout the Node.js blog post.

The AusNimbus Node.js v8.0.0 builder will be made available in the coming days.

If your app settings are set to the “latest” builder, your app will automatically when the v8.0.0 builder becomes available.

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