Introducing configurable idler and resource limits

With Australia day come and gone, it’s time to write about some of the new features we added this week.

Configurable Idler

In the past, users on the free tier would have noticed that their applications will automatically spin down every 6-8 hours. This idling process is used to conserve resources when applications aren’t in use. Web requests sent to these applications will wake the application back up after a short delay.

This week we added the option for users on the paid plans to enable the idler on their own project. Applications that are idled do not incur usage charges when they are asleep. This makes it a great choice for applications still in development or low traffic based websites.

Configurable Resource Limit

Configurable resource limits allow you to define limits and defaults based on your project requirements and budget. Defining resource limits allows you to always stay in control with your usage and automatic scaling – perfect for sharing with teams.


You’ll find these new features in the “Extensions” tab in the side menu.

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