Sneak peak at what’s coming

This past month has been crazy – you guys have been great in providing feedback. With so many things to do, here’s a quick summary of what’s to come in the next few weeks:

OpenShift 3.4

OpenShift 3.4 is just around the corner. To list some of the new features you’ve all been asking for:

  • Major web console improvements (yep – built private repository deployment now!)
  • Scheduled jobs (cron like pods)
  • Improved quota notifications
  • New member management
  • Jenkins pipeline integration (now with Jenkins 2)

Lets Encrypt Integration (Free SSL Certificates)

Lets Encrypt is a new certificate authority that provides free domain verified SSL/TLS certificates. Soon you’ll be able to enable Lets Encrypt SSL at the click of a button. We’ll automatically handle the verification, installation and renewal of the certificates for as long as the domain is valid.

Project Based Usage Tracking


More useful charts and reporting for your usage, not much more else to say. This is something we definitely will be spending more time improving as time progresses so bear with us!

Configurable Idler

For a while now free users may have noticed their pods spin down every 6-8 hours due to the automatic idling to conserve resources. Subscription users will now be able to enable this functionality on any of their existing projects. Pods that are idled do not incur any usage charges and come back online when they receive a new web request.

Idling is great for development websites because it means you can have resources automatically spin down when not in use.

New Quickstart Documentation

New quickstart articles will be coming very soon. Less documentation trawl, more quickstarts you said!

Platform Retirement Extension

Finally, we have extended the legacy platform retirement date until December 31st 2016. The legacy platform will continue at reduced capacity.

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