Build and deployment notification

Earlier this week we rolled out some new infrastructure changes that should bring about faster container creation and deployment. This week we’ll be rolling out our new build and deployment notification service, this has been a highly requested feature we’re happy to finally be bringing to you! We will initially be supporting Slack webhook and […]


September 2017 Roadmap

This will only be a short update. The past month we focused on growing the stability of the AusNimbus platform. Hundreds of bug fixes a long with the upgrade to Kubernetes 1.6 happened seamlessly behind the scenes. The highest feedback requests have been for a simplified dashboard and the ability to receive notifications on build […]


June 2017 Update

Node.js 8.0.0 now available Node.js 8.0.0 was made available earlier this month. The release brought the new NPM v5.0.0 and new V8 engine (5.8). This new version of Node.js is heading towards becoming the new LTS release in October. With many new features and improvements, it’s worth checking out and taking it for a spin! […]


Node.js v8.0.0 release

Today Node.js released their next major version v8.0.0. This article will contain a summary of some of the significant changes and features. NPM v5.0.0 Version v5.0.0 of the npm client has been included in the release Node.js v8.0.0 V8 5.8 engine The new V8 5.8 engine includes major improvements in performance and developer APIs. Node.js […]


Creating Cron Jobs

Cron jobs let you define regular┬ájobs or tasks that need to be executed at specific times. Cron jobs are currently part of the batch/v2alpha1 API. Below is an example cron job configuration you can use: apiVersion: batch/v2alpha1 kind: CronJob metadata: name: pi spec: schedule: “*/1 * * * *” jobTemplate: spec: template: spec: containers: – […]


April 2017 Update

┬áPricing Discounts and Updates Based on your feedback our pricing has been revised and simplified. Most users will see drops in this month’s invoice along with a new per project breakdown. A project cost calculator has been added to the website and a cost forecaster has also been added to your dashboard. A new monthly […]


Introducing configurable idler and resource limits

With Australia day come and gone, it’s time to write about some of the new features we added this week. Configurable Idler In the past, users on the free tier would have noticed that their applications will automatically spin down every 6-8 hours. This idling process is used to conserve resources when applications aren’t in […]


Running your own Parse Server on AusNimbus

Parse was a mobile backend as a service run by Facebook which allowed you to host your backend API seamlessly in the cloud. A few months ago, Facebook announced their Parse service would retire on 28 January 2017. In it’s steed, the opensource replacement version powered by Node.js has become increasingly popular. In this post […]


Upcoming image deprecation

As part of the upcoming release, a number of S2I and database images will be deprecated as they reach their EOL. This means they will no longer be updated or patched as part of our regular maintenance releases. Ruby 2.0 Perl 5.16 PHP 5.5 Python 3.3 MySQL 5.5 PostgreSQL 9.2 MongoDB 2.4 The images will […]


Sneak peak at what’s coming

This past month has been crazy – you guys have been great in providing feedback. With so many things to do, here’s a quick summary of what’s to come in the next few weeks: OpenShift 3.4 OpenShift 3.4 is just around the corner. To list some of the new features you’ve all been asking for: […]


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