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Your applications and microservices are built and deployed into an isolated container environment. Leveraging the speed, security and portability provided by Docker.



Kubernetes automates the provisioning, management and scaling of your containers - ensuring your applications and microservices are always running.


Continuous Delivery

OpenShift's build and deployment tools include Jenkins CD pipelines, binary injection and automated Git integration - accelerating your application delivery process.



The flexibility of PaaS mitigates the complexity of distributed systems associated with the modern microservices trend - promoting rapid application development.

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Components that drive the modern cloud


Deploy in Australia

Run your applications and microservices here in Australia. Our platform is built and distributed across three major datacenters in Sydney, helping to ensure a high level of performance and redundancy for your customers.


Docker Containers

Your applications and microservices run in a fully managed container environment based on Docker. The platform handles everything from orchestration to configuration and security.


Automatic Scaling

Automatic scaling will dynamically scale your application up when things get hectic and back down later when things quiet down - optimizing your resource consumption. Define your own scaling parameters or add additional capacity at the click of a button.


Jenkins Integration

Jenkins Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) provides you with full control of your project's environments, versions, commits and pipelines. Automating builds and tests - enabling you to deliver software faster.


Continuous Delivery

Updates to your git repository automatically trigger new builds. The default deployment strategy will build your code changes in parallel, replacing the existing deployment only after the new build passes health checks.

Self Healing

Self Healing

Active health monitoring ensures your applications are always running. Any container that crashes or becomes unresponsive will automatically be re-deployed and removed from the loadbalancer until it is restored.


Container Metrics

Container metrics provide visual representations of both CPU and memory usage for each container that runs your application or microservice (including builder containers). Reports can be filtered by time providing valuable insights on application's performance.


Fully Customizable

Enjoy the choice and ability to run multiple languages, frameworks and databases all from one platform. Deploy your application or microservice with our provided runtime environments, use your own Docker image or take advantage of the vast Docker ecosystem.


Seamless Upgrades

New deployments are automatically invoked whenever a new upstream Docker image is available, these deployments run in parallel and seamlessly replace your existing containers after it passes all health checks. This ensures your applications are always running the latest security patches and system updates.

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The new AusNimbus

We are so excited to announce general availability of our new cloud services deployment platform. Powered by Red Hat OpenShift, Google Kubernetes and Docker - AusNimbus enables developers to easily develop, build and deploy scalable...

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