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Your applications are packaged and deployed into an isolated container environment. Leveraging the speed, security and portability provided by Docker.



Kubernetes automates the provisioning, management and scaling of your containers - ensuring your applications and microservices are always running.


Continuous Delivery

OpenShift's build and deployment tools include Jenkins CD pipelines, binary injection and automated Git integration - accelerating your application delivery process.



The flexibility of PaaS mitigates the complexity of distributed systems associated with the modern microservices trend - promoting rapid application development.

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Latest News

idling_enabled 27 Jan 2017

Introducing configurable idler and resource limits

With Australia day come and gone, it's time to write about some of the new features we added this week. Configurable Idler In the past, users on the free tier would have noticed that their...

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parse-server 20 Jan 2017

Running your own Parse Server on AusNimbus

Parse was a mobile backend as a service run by Facebook which allowed you to host your backend API seamlessly in the cloud. A few months ago, Facebook announced their Parse service would retire on...

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byebye 29 Dec 2016

Upcoming image deprecation

As part of the upcoming release, a number of S2I and database images will be deprecated as they reach their EOL. This means they will no longer be updated or patched as part of our...

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